M291 jog controls problem

  • Hi, I am using the Duet (ethernet) firmware 2.02RCS with my workbee cnc router.
    I can use M291 with X1,Y1,Z1 to enable jog moves before confirming in a macro, but when I call that macro from a g code file (M98) the system freezes.
    I am trying to use the macro to generate pauses for tool changes followed by a Z probe.
    Why does the macro work "stand alone", but not when called from another file?

  • administrators

    Use of M291 in macros is fixed in firmware 2.03RC2. However, there are some issues with workplace coordinates in firmware 2.03RC2 that affect the Workbee, so I recommend you wait for 2.03RC3 which should be available next week.

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