Motor currents - noise/vibration and heat

  • Back to motor currents and noise again. I'm figuring out how to tune stallGuard and coolStep finally but I have some questions. I thought the general statement was that when you reduce motor current you reduce noise and vibration?

    I have 1A motors and when I do an M906 X550 Y550 it is louder. It almost sounds like a rattling sound. When I go to M906 X700 Y700 it gets more quiet. When I go to M906 X800 Y800 it's even more quiet lol. What gives?

    I noticed my motors were pretty hot after printing for quite some time, yet my Prusa i3 MK2.5 motors run cooler and are more quiet than this printer I'm tuning. I'm failing at tuning this I suppose, hah!

    This is a Duet WiFi built with 1.8deg stepper motors that are all 1A (except for the extruder, but I'm not worried about that.) I notice that Prusa firmware has considerably lower currents for their motors. I copied the acceleration, jerk, and feed rates they are using as these are LDO motors as well, but the "cooler" running versions (which I have yet to see happen when trying to do this on my own with different firmware.)

    I went through and tuned stallGuard (SG set to 0 for X and Y as I just did X and Y movements with F7200 and made sure I didn't hit 0 on the low end.) I then went and used the following 16 bit unsigned value for coolStep: 1100011100100111

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