Delta Smart Effector and PT100

  • Hello,

    Please help me with the following clarification.

    • I ordered Duet 2 Wifi
    • I ordered the "Delta Smart Effector with the E3d V6 (no Heatsink, 24V 😞 e3d V6 with PT100" option (£45.00 + £42.50 = £87.50), from the web site.

    Do I need to purchase the PT100 board ("Duet3D Adaptor PT100") also ?


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  • if you want to use the pt100 then yes.

  • Hello

    Thanks. I purchased the faughterboard as well, eventually.

    Now, the Delta Smart Effector option that I purchased, included the 2-wire PT100, but the Delta Smart Effector PCB accepts 4-wire PT100 sensors, or at least that is my understanding. However, I've been searching for a while all online stores for a 4-wire PT100 sensor which can be fit into the EDv6 heatblock (3 mm diameter x 16 mm length sensor tip) but I haven't find anything yet.

    I wonder if the creators of the Delta Smart Effector can suggest an Internet place where I can purchase such a sensor.

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  • see

    To connect a 2-wire PT100 sensor:

    Connect the PT100 wires to terminal 2 and 3
    Configure the channel for 2-wire operation:
    Recent production PT100 daughter boards (v1.1 or later see the image above) have 2 sets of 2 jumper pins per channel. Install jumpers on those pins.
    On an older production PT100 daughter board, either bridge each pair of solder pads next to the terminal block, or add a wire between terminals 1 and 2, and another between terminals 3 and 4.
    On a pre-production PT100 board there is already a trace bridging each pair of solder pads.

  • @veti Hi

    I already have the 2-wire PT100, crimped fine, since that is the way my Delta Smart Effector kit was shipped. But I want to switch to a 4-wire PT100. That type of PT100 is what I cannot find for purchase anywhere on the Internet. There seem to be lots and lots of 4-wire PT100 sensors but none of them can be fitted into a EDv6 heatblock as I mentioned. All I can find either has a 5 mm diameter, or it has a 3 mm diameter but it is also at least 10 cm long (EDv6 needs 3 mm diameter x 16 mm length)

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  • administrators

    Using a 4-wire connection between the Smart Effector and the Duet is beneficial because with a 4-wire connection, the resistance of the cable between the Smart Effector and the daughter board don't affect the reading. Neither does the resistance of the two connectors at the end of the cable.

    Using a 4-wire PT100 connected to the Smart Effector instead of 2-wire has very little additional advantage, because the PT100 wires can be very short - they need only be long enough to reach the Smart Effector.

    So I suggest you connect your 2-wire PT100 to the Smart Effector, and use a 4-wire connection from the Smart Effector to the Duet. I don't know any suppliers of 4-wire 3mm diameter PT100 sensors short enough to fit the heater block.

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