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    I would like to get some help with my new Duet 2 Wifi board. Unfortunately since day one I cant heat up the E0 terminal but the same heater cartridge works in the E1 terminal. I get good temperature readings from both thermistors but I don't know why it is not working. The E0 LED is not lighting up if I try to turn the heating on. The E1 LED works. Auto tune fails after a few minutes as it is not heating properly.

    I need to mention that the E0 green terminal is wobbling a bit since I have received the board but I think it can hold the crimped wires down properly only the green plastic cover is moving up and down slightly.
    The E1 is not wobbling that looks solid, whenever I tightened the screws I held the terminal to makes sure not to damage it.

    So I really don't know what can I do.
    I have attached the config file.

    Please I would be really happy to get some help.

  • @phoenixsimon said in Heater Fault:

    I need to mention that the E0 green terminal is wobbling a bit

    okay for the plastic to wobble a little, if the pins are loose it has to be replaced (or re-soldered) or it will pose a problem, even a fire hazard.

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    @PhoenixSimon, please remove that M301 line from config.g and restart the Duet. If that doesn't make any difference, please ask your supplier to replace your Duet under warranty, pointing to this post as authorization.

    EDIT - before asking for a warranty replacement, please post your config-override.g file. It's possible that it could contain a command that disables heater 1.

  • So thanks for your quick reply I highly appreciate it.
    I have removed the M301 command from config.g and I have restarted the Duet but unfortunately there was no difference. Still received the Heating fault on heater 1 temperature rising much more slowly than the expected 3.6°C/sec.

    I have attached to this post the conig-override.g file. See if there is something what shouldn't be.


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    That config-override.g file looks OK. If it's still the case that when you command E0 to heat up, the E0 heater LED doesn't light up and the heater doesn't heat up at all, please ask your supplier to replace your Duet.

  • Ok thanks I will ask my supplier immediately to replace the board and I will link to this conversation.

    Thanks again

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