Cura "Monitor" Tab DWC Integration

  • I currently use Cura for most of my prints (experimenting with Pathio, going to start messing around with some others) and use the Duet RRF plugin, but for some reason finally paid attention to the "Monitor" tab in the new interface layout.

    Would it be feasible/doable to write a plugin that allows DWC to be displayed from that tab? It seems like only Ultimaker printers can make use of it. Since the Duet RRF plugin can send gcodes and receive data (that the print has started) it might be interesting to extend that further to allow for full use of the DWC from inside Cura.

  • The monitor function within Cura also works with OctoPrint as I had it with my Ender 3 Pro, before upgrading everything!
    I have read that Duet have sent a board to Gina @ OctoPrint, I think to investigate integration between the Duet and OctoPrint.

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