Can't access DWI

  • Moved to new location with new wifi router and attempting to get printer back on-line.
    I can connect and communicate with Duet WiFi v. 2.02 through YAT and can control thru S3D. But I cannot get to the DWI app. on my laptop. Have tried both over WiFi and USB.
    I tried "http://duettest.local" in the address bar, but get this response
    "This site can’t be reached.
    duettest.local’s server IP address could not be found."
    PanelDue shows WiFi module started and connected to access point...
    I have no idea what the Duet IP address is, nor how to find it or set it.
    Help appreciated.

  • Moderator

    Send M552 from the Panel Due console or from YAT to get the currently assigned IP address.

    Or log into the router and see if the duet is connected there and with what IP address. And while you are there set a DHCP reservation so the IP address remains the same.

    Then you should be able to connect to the DWC with http://IPADDRESS

  • @Phaedrux , thank you.
    BTW, I did use the forum search function for this, but didn't get a hit that helped. This morning I used Google to search and found a number of helpful posts on this forum.
    I'll use Google i n the future. Again, thank you.

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