Bed Temp Spike to 2000c when i home

  • Hi,

    I have had my printer running. Been trying to fine tune it etc.
    However, yesterday i tried to print then realised, when i home the axis. My bed thermostat reads 2000 degrees. I haven't had this issue. I've unpluged the bed , checked the wiring and all seems good. Once I've homed it the temp continues to stay at the 2000c

    Anyone encountered this or got any ideas?

    Thank you!

  • there is loose wiring that produces a short while moving.

  • @jackismad Bad connection due to a broken wire that only shows in a certain position. If it's constant 2000C, then a bad sensor and/or bad wiring. Use a multimeter to find it.

  • Thanks! I just found the bad wire. Its broke off the solder to the bed... Annoying but fixable! Thanks again


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