SOLVED Setting Dual motor for Extruder

  • Hello,

    It might be a crazy stupid idea, but I wanted to try setting a dual motor configuration for my extruder. Idea is to have a strong Bondtech on the remote side of a bowden, and a very light but therefore weak cold end extruder on the platform of my delta.
    This way I would have power, but also the ability to print flexible, while keeping my platform to a reasonable weight.

    I'm trying to configure the board using M584 command :
    M584 X0 Y1 Z2 E3: 4

    It just will not work : I believe that when you do like so, you map channel 3 for E0 and channel 4 for E1. Is that so ?

    Is there a work around ? Something like mapping Extruder to a dummy channel, and then mapping that dummy channel to 2 motors ? Does it make sense at all ?

    Thanks for you replies,

  • if the extruder have the same number of steps, you can wire the motors in parallel or series.

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    @enggmaug do each of the extruders work by themselves? if so then what you need to do is create a tool with more than one drive:
    In this case probably something like:
    M563 P0 D0:1 H1 F1 ; define a Tool 0 using E0 and E1 drives, E0 heater, fan 0 mapped to fan 1

    Now T0 (tool zero) has both drives assigned to it.

    The next step is to set the ratio that they move. in your case 1:1
    M567 P0 E1:1

    At this point you will have two extruders that are both commanded to move the same amount for Tool 0. What you need to ensure is that the steps/mm of each extruder is exactly right, else they will get out of sync.

  • I knew I could count on you guys !

    Thanks a lot, heading my way to the garage now !

  • It does indeed work. Thanks a lot !

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