Recommended Fan Layout for Dual Extrusion

  • Im setting up one of my printers with dual extrusion, using 2 separate hot ends.

    So I have 2 hot end fans and 2 part cooling fans. Since i can't have 4 PMW type fans with the duetwifi, its 3 x PMW + 2 x Always-on...
    What would be the recommended setup?

      • put both part cooling fans onto one PMW and the 2 hotend fans on the other 2 PMW.
      • put both hot end fans onto the "always on" fans and control the part cooling fans with 2 PMW fans
    1. an option i have not thought of

  • administrators

    1. Put both hot end fans on Fan1, thermostatically controlled from both heaters, and put the part cooling fans on Fan0 and Fan2.


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