Brain fart… Duex5 Z discrete steppers & endstops / z level w/ servos

  • It occured to me today that my C-Bot, Core XY, could use the the extra stepper drivers on my Duex5 for discrete steppers for the Z Axis. You could take that a step further and throw a continous servo on the bed itself for true auto leveling.

    So there are multiple hypothetical scenarios I'm interested in. Curious to hear opinions on feasibility and practicality? I have no need for either as the current bed compensation routines work great. But had this idea pop up, thought it was an interesting rabbit hole.

    1. Multiple Z axis steppers, that act together for a normal move, but independent when bed leveling? eg; bed leveling routine knows count and relative position of z axis steppers, commands them to move within defined limits and respective to relative position in order to level the z platform.

    2. Drive continuous servos in 3 or 4 point bed leveling setup. Again linked back to the bed leveling routine that knows count and relative positioning.

    3. Combine 1 and 2 but add in endstops for each axis attachment point to have platform leveling and bed leveling. Platform level first and then bed leveling. e.g.; My C-Bot has a z platform attached to the frame on the rear left and right post. Put endstops on each frame parallel to the platform, goal to trigger when platform reaches that known position, but does not interfere with platform moving past it. Think signpost vs endstop. Set the trigger position of these endstops to ensure the smoothest movement of the axis. Then level the bed to the hotend movement separately.

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    #1 is already on the firmware wish list and likely to be implemented in version 1.19.

  • That's great to hear. Thanks Dave.

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