The Duet really is quite hearty...

  • Today, after not having turned on my RailCore for a few days (I know, I know... blasphemy!) I fired her up and my z-probe was... not good. One of the steppers was making a lot of noises and not a lot of motion.

    I turned it off, unplugged all but one Z-stepper (the ZL uses three Z-steppers in unison), and fired it up. All good.

    I turned it off, unplugged that one and plugged in the next, fired it up. There was a small pop, a tiny wisp of smoke and a slight ozone smell. I thought for sure the board was toast.

    My Molex connector was a bit blackened on the inside, and the post under it was also not looking so great.

    alt text

    alt text

    Turned out to be a short in one of my Phoenix connectors. Wired up a new section after cleaning up the post and removing the Duex to make sure it wasn't scorched anywhere. Works like a champ.

    Frankly, I thought for sure that stepper driver would've given up the ghost. I am a very happy Duet camper.

  • Not sure how you actually managed to short the cable inside the housing, but if you refer to the link below it'll have some illustrations on how the crimps should look Quality Poster.pdf

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    oooh, yeah the wires are too long and are sticking out past the crimp point into the terminal.

  • Nah, the short wasn't at the crimped terminal - it was in an uncrimped Phoenix connector. The wires sticking out past the crimp point is not an issue and, depending on the housing, quite useful. But as I said, the short wasn't a crimp and it wasn't actually inside the housing. Downside of the no-crimp connectors is that sometimes stranded wires get loose - though this is the first time I've actually had this issue and I use those connectors everywhere lol.

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