Two oddities

  • Using 1.18 beta1

    create a macro called "Z -0.2" and it only shows "Z -0" on the button.

    after cancelling a print, the system ignores instruction to heat the hotend when run from the web interface. nothing heater related in the pause.g or stop.g odd though that the bed does respond. have to reset the board

    not major

  • The filename truncate seems to be an old bug.
    What is your Web Interface Version?

  • administrators

    I confirm the truncation of the filename before the '.' is not an issue when running DWC 1.15b2. I think it was fixed a few versions ago.

    After cancelling the print, you probably need to re-select tool 0 because by default all tools are deselected when you cancel a print. You can change this behaviour by defining your own cancel.g file.

  • updated to latest versins including beta 3,

    name on button now fixed thanks

    odd thing with beta 3 over bea 1 though is tool 0 seems a bit glitchy

    although T0 is at bottom of config.g, I have to go to settings and select tool 0 after a restart for it to react to instructions and it seems like I have to click it twice for it to become the active tool wheras in beta 1 didn't have those issues

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