probe offset trouble

  • Hello, I setup a new bl touch v3.0 physically mounted left of nozzle 35mm. 0mm in y. I placed this in my config.g g31 line and tried 3 possible entries. All three where ignored. First I wrote x35mm y0 z2.01 running the probe bed comp, probing wanted to start a x0 putting probe off the bed. I changed the offset value to x-35 and the x10. None of these value changes reflected any difference. All the time with my probe mesh grid defined as x52:300 y5:286. why would probing ever start at x0?

    printer runs homing and than over to x0 and starts to z down off bed edge.0_1559756477300_cofig for probe.txt 0_1559756483694_override.txt 0_1559756490571_mesh.txt 0_1559756497003_bed.txt

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    If the print head moves left to go in the -X direction, and your probe is 35mm left of the nozzle, you need X-35 in your G31 command.

    You can run M577 without parameters to check whether your M577 command in config.g was accepted.

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