Easier Z Offset control

  • Hi, i know it's set directly in config.g but do you think it is possible to add something to tune it easily directly on the DWC and PanelDue, and maybe separate the height map and the Z offset, so long to redo all the thing everytime a really little change is needed. Don't know if it's possible, but could be cool 🙂

    Have a nice day !

  • @krohm-koala I use a macro to set the G31 stuff. It allows you to change it without resclicing or rebooting.

  • Such a good idea ! Thanks for the reply !

  • I use this macro which is really cool:

    M291 P"Press ""OK"" if you would you like to calibrate the Z-offset for this Tool Cartridge." R"Calibrate Z-Offset" S3
    M291 P"Make sure your nozzle is free of debris. Press ""Cancel"" if you need to stop and clean the nozzle." R"Calibrate Z-Offset" S3
    M291 P"Homing, please wait..." R"Calibrate Z-Offset" S1
    M98 P/sys/homeall.g
    M208 S1 Z-2 ; allow movement below Z0
    G1 X100 Y10 Z8 F2000 ; move to center of bed
    M558 P0
    G30 S-2
    M500 ; save results
    M501 ; load new data
    M208 S1 Z0 ; disallow movement below Z0
    G1 Z25 ; drop build plate
    M291 P"Z-offset calibration complete! " R"Calibrate Z-Offset" S1 T3

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    @e1ixir Wouldn't you need to use M500 P31 to save the trigger height?


  • No, the macro doesn't use G31

  • Thanks I'll try this macro but I'm on the @Phaedrux side, now it need the M500 P31 to save the trigger height (according to the dozuki)

  • See here: https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/8645/solved-calibrate-z-probe-macro/12

    My english is not so good, but I think the explanation can be found in this message (thanks to its author):

    "jckray 18 janv. 2019 Ă  08:30
    ...this script measures and saves a G10 tool offset, which is separate from the z-probe trigger hight. I went this route, because, as I understand it, measuring the trigger height just reports the value and requires a manual G31 entry with the new trigger hight in order for M500 P31 to save the new trigger height. For an individual printer without any kind of tool changing it is probably better to just measure the trigger height and manually update the value in config. For my application which is for a consumer product and has to do with tool changing it actually makes more sense to use the tool offset to and have a static z-probe trigger height."

  • @e1ixir Bon je sais que beaucoup ne comprendront pas, mais, du coup, tu save comment ton offset ? ObligĂ© de modifier dans le config.g ? Parce qu'il y a rien dans le macro qui Ă  l'air de save ça ._.

  • Mais si, tu as un M500! L'offset est sauvegardĂ© dans config.overrides.g, sous la forme d'une commande G10. Bref, essaye, tu verras, ca marche très bien... Une autre solution aurait Ă©tĂ© d'utiliser un G31 S-3, je pense.

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    @e1ixir said in Easier Z Offset control:

    L'offset est sauvegardé dans config.overrides.g, sous la forme d'une commande G10.

    Mais bien sûr!

  • J'ai essayĂ©, ça Ă  l'air d'aller pas trop mal, mĂŞme si j'ai essayĂ© plusieurs fois (avec un print entre 2) et ma buse se crash dans le bed des fois, j'ai pas trop compris mais Ă  voir, j'ai surement merdĂ© quelque part x) D'un cĂ´tĂ© j'pense que je l'adapterais pour enregistrer un G31, j'prĂ©fère rester avec un G31 mĂŞme si avec le G10 ça Ă  l'air d'aller pas trop mal.

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