bed leveling bltouch and maestro board

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm sure this topic has been talk about a lot but i have not found what I am looking for (and honestly do not what to try to read every post to find the information).
    when i run my print i intend to have mesh bed leveling run each time. how ever i can not seem to get this to work. Do the commands for this go in config.g or bed.g? do i need to change the gcode that the slicer spits out to make this work?

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    In your slicer start gcode you probably already have g28 to home the printer. You can add g29 after that to do a mesh compensation probe routine.

    The configuration for how your mesh will be performed go in config.g. things like m558 to define the probe, m557 to define the grid, g31 to define the probe offset.

  • Thank you very much that was the last part of the puzzle for most of my issues.
    Out of curiosity is it possible to set up the g code to heat nozzle after the mesh bed leveling rather then befor?

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    Yes you can arrange the star gcode to your liking.

    As long as there are gcodes in the slicer start code to control the heaters, the slicer will avoid adding it's own. Each slicer has it's own short cut words you can use to insert the temperatures you have defined in the slicer.

    Something like M104 S<first_layer_temp>

    Each slicer is different and you'll need to do some research to find the values you need.

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