Smart Effector: locating the Z-probe sensor/electronics

  • Hi there,

    This is probably a silly question, but I haven't been able to locate where the sensor/electronics for the Smart Effector z-probe are. I'm trying to mount the smart effector on top of the Atom 3D Printer effector platform, and wanted to make sure the platform doesn't get in the way of anything important below the Smart Effector.

    I couldn't find anything in the documentatation, and was also curious to know how that specific z-probe works.


  • it says it at the bottom of that page you linked that there is a strain gauge sensor in the effector.

    i would assume that the pattern is inside the pcb and when the nozzle touches the bed it flexes the pcb which causes a resistance change in the gauge.

  • Thanks for pointing this out, however I'd like to know where it is precisely so that I'm sure that I won't be interfering with it -- I hope it would be indicated on one of the diagrams. I can't look at my board right now, but hopefully it is written there.

  • This page shows all the pads that contain electronics, clearances, etc. The surface mount stuff is all MUCH shorter than the various connectors.

    Also, at the very bottom of that page is a link to github. The T3P3/SmartEffector/SmartEffector_v2.0/SmartEffector.kicad_pcb file is literally the board file that can be loaded in KiCAD so you can see the PCB layout. I don't use KiCAD, and therefore don't have it installed, or I would screen shot it for you.

    The strain gauge itself is a set of very fine traces in the circuit board etch. They form a "tri-spiral" around the center.

    You can actually see the traces that form the strain gauge in this photo (also linked from that same page).

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