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    I have a print bed 610mm X 305mm with 2 305mm X 305mm 110vAC attached to SSRs. Kapton heaters. I have searched this site for some direction on how to set the heaters to be controlled through RRfimware. In the documentation it states that up to 4 heaters can be controlled through RR firmware. What I am lacking is an understanding of the format to setup the heaters. I have been successful in turning on each heater however how do I setup them up so that I can control them at the same time. I would assume this should be as simple as a dual heater tool where when you set the temperature for the tool both heaters would be activated. The only way that I have been able to set them up is to use a macro turning on both heaters to a set temperature. If there is a format for turning on both heaters at the same time it would be greatly appreciated if you can share this. I need to know the initial setup for Config.g and any auxiliary settings that are required. One other item that I am having a problem with is to display both heaters for the bed on the duet web control.

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    See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode?revisionid=HEAD#Section_M140_Set_Bed_Temperature_Fast. You need to use a different bed heater index for each heater. So use 0 for one of them and 1 for the other. Your config.g will look something like this:

    M140 P0 H0 ; first bed heater is on heater 0 output
    M140 P1 H3 ; second bed heater is on heater 3 output

    To set the temperatures:

    M140 P0 S55 ; set first bed heater to 55C
    M140 P1 S60 ; set second bed heater to 60C
    M116 ; wait for all temperatures

    Whenever you omit the P parameter, P0 will be assumed. The M190 command (set bed temperature and wait) can be used with a P parameter in a similar way, however you would normally want to wait for both to heat up at the same time, so M140 followed by M116 is better.

  • Thanks David
    So there is not one command to turn on both heaters at the same time such as through the web control

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    @percar said in Dual bed heater configurations help:

    Thanks David
    So there is not one command to turn on both heaters at the same time such as through the web control

    No, but you could set up macros to do that, one macro for each temperature of interest.

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