Filament Width Sensor/Monitor Implementation?

  • Did a fair bit of searching for this and didn't come up with anything so please let me know if your Google-fu is stronger than mine and I just missed it.

    I'd like to make use of this filament width sensor I found on Thingiverse designed by user "flipper" but don't see anything in the Duet documentation that talks about doing this. I'm using a DuetWifi2 and Duex5 if that matters.

    Conceptually, I don't think it would be that difficult to program. The board outputs a DC voltage that can be monitored and, depending on the calibration, have the software monitoring that voltage trigger G-Code to set the filament width to the new value. Marlin has this built in, apparently. I was initially thinking of putting it on my Anet but it would be way more badass on my Duet machine. Any chance of this happening?

    Thanks! ☺

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    Not to sound down on the topic but, that sensor is 5 years old and hasn't really taken off. Filament production has gotten a lot better and it's debatable if a sensor like this is even warranted anymore. There's also the issue of ovality. Filament does not have a circular cross section, so any sensor that looks at it from a single direction is going to be just as inaccurate as the filament itself. On modern filament production lines they have laser micrometers that take samples of the filament from 3 or more angles to get a much better picture of the overall diameter, so they're already producing it at a tighter tolerance than you can measure easily.

    But this does come up now and again:

    If it did get supported, and there was a sensor that could accurately measure the filament, I would like to see the results.

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