Orientation of molex connectors

  • I can't tell you how many times I've terminated a cable incorrectly because I had the orientation wrong. Today I finally realized that some connectors have the tab up and some have the tab down. I thought the WiFi board had them all one way and the duex had them the other.

    Do they have to be this way? Can the boards have all of the connectors oriented the same way?

  • if you are skilled at soldering, you can just resolder them the other way.

  • Surely its better to just rotate the picture you do the wiring from than to rotate the header and having to reverse the order of the wires in the connector housing making them incompatible between the Wifi and Duex boards (suppose mechanical endstops and thermistors won't be affected, but fans will likely be destroyed)

  • @bearer rotating the header doesn't change the pin out in terms of absolute pin order. Looking at the board with the SD card on the left, fans will have black red on order whether or not the tab is top or bottom.

    I just wish all of the tabs were in the same orientation.

  • It will if you just resolder them the other way around like suggested, which is why I added that may not be a good idea for interoperatability..

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