Returning "virtual extruder position" in M114

  • Hi gurus,

    I was confused that G92 has no effect on E axis. After a bit of search, I came across the post @dc42 wrote. I understood the philosophy that RRF has chosen to prefer relative extrusion over absolute. However, this also breaks the compatibility with other firmware like MARLIN.

    My case is that I was using octoprint with MARLIN before I converted to duet wifi recently. I managed to make octoprint to handle filament run outs... However the "pausing" of octoprint relies on the M114 to get the positions of the axes include E axis. And this is broken because the M114 in RRF returns the "extrusion since the board started."

    I know I could just use relative extrusion everywhere. But for the sake of completeness, should M114 return the "virtual extrusion position" as the E axis without any suffix? For example:

    X:0.000 Y:0.000 Z:0.000 E:0.0 E0:0.0 E1:0.0 E2:0.0 E3:0.0 E4:0.0 E5:0.0 E6:0.0 E7:0.0 E8:0.0 Count 0 0 0 Machine 0.000 0.000 0.000 Bed comp 0.000

    I haven't tried this yet, Is there anything bad about this idea?


  • I've tested this by adding the extra E:xxx field into the M114 result. octoprint is now happy.

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    Thanks, I'll add this to the work list for the next firmware version.

    Gina (the developer of Octoprint) now has a Duet, so she may implement an alternative solution in Octoprint.

  • This post is deleted!

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