IR Probe being overly sensitive?

  • Hi,

    I orginally purchased the probe back in July 2017 (SMD sensor) and it's been working well.

    I did a swap from an MKS Gen 1.4 to SKR 1.3 and it seems since about that time the sensor has gotten very sensitive (I thought it might of been before I did the swap as I did get the occasional high z trigger). Above 20mm from an object (depends on surface) the LED may rapidly flash with no rhythm, give a couple of flashes or sometimes it will 'behave'. Below 20mm the the probe will behave normally (although it might briefly flash just above trigger point then turn solid).

    I'm measuring 4.8v between the hole near D2 and L1.

    If I measure VCC and Out it comes up at 4.25v and 0.32v triggered.

    I'm thinking I've managed to kill the sensor somehow, but unsure if there is something I've missed!


  • administrators

    We've see that behaviour with a small number of new IR sensors, and recently I've changed the firmware to make it less likely to happen. But if the sensor has been working well for nearly 2 years and you haven't changed the bed surface, then the change might be caused by contamination of the optical components. Try cleaning them with a cotton bud moistened with isopropanol.

    If you are in the UK then I can reprogram your sensor with the new firmware if you like. If you are outside the UK then the postage probably makes that uneconomical.

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