Editing Post Processor Error

  • I am attempting to alter the vcarve post processor to ask me to ensure that I have set work coordinates before it starts to cut. This prevents my router diving into the spoilboard if I forget.
    The code I am trying to insert is:
    M291 P"Have you set work coordinates ?" S3.
    Unfortuneatly I get an error " expecting 'begin SECTION ' or 'end SECTION' when I run Vcarve. Does anyone know why ?

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    Firmware version?

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    I don't know vcarve. Does it handle GCode that contains quoted strings?

  • I think ythe firmware is 1.22.2 it seems to come with the Workbee firmware V1.0.3.
    As regards Vcarve gcode. I have added several small commands which control my Router on/off with no trouble at all. I found the send message (M291) command in the Vetric post processor manual which I followed to the letter. Recon it would accept quated strings but will check to see if the version I have is OK for that

  • Firmware is 2.03 beta1

  • For those interested in changing post processor for Vcarve. I got this instant reply from Vectric

    You cannot use " marks in the list of commands as these are used to tell the software that this is where a line begins or ends.

    On Page 28 of the Post Processor editing guide this is described in more detail.

    For example the line:
    M291 P"Have you set work coordinates ?" S3.

    is replaced with

    "M291 P[34]Have you set work coordinates ?[34] S3."

    Thanks Vectric for that.

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