Possible dead duet

  • After having nothing but issues with my duet wifi for the last year, I felt I was finally making progress but I think it may have died.

    I turned my printer on this morning, walked away for a few minutes and came back to a very quiet clicking sound and both my bed and hotend were very hot. Of course, first thing I did was turn it off, waited a minute and try again. The same thing happened after power-up.

    When turned on, all 5 LEDs in the row on the front are on, as well the diagnostic and bed heat led. When connected to just USB, 4 LEDs light up(3v+, 3.3V, diagnostic and the one right on the other side of the USB with no name). It does not show up on the computer or connect to the panel due 7i. The main chip gets hot, too hot to keep your finger on it after a minute. Everything else is cool, even the bed and hotend transistor although my bed and hotend are on a never ending heatup until I turn off the printer.
    I tried a different USB, SD, disconnected everything from the board and verified my power supply and on-board fuse. Reset and erase seem to have no effect when pressed. Suggestions?


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    If the microcontroller is getting very hot with nothing connected to the Duet except power and perhaps USB, then it has failed. The most likely reasons is that there has been over-voltage on the 3.3V rail, or on one of the pins of one of the expansion connectors. Over voltage on the 3.3V rail typically kills the SD card and the WiFi module too, so check whether they are getting hot and whether the SD card can still be read in a PC. Did you have anything connected to the expansion connector?

  • @dc42
    Thanks for the response. The SD card is fine, but the ESP seems to not be functioning. No lights, heat or connection can be established with it. For the last month, I've had a BLtouch connected to the expansion, but to the 5V pin, not 3V. Nothing else has ever been plugged into the expansion.

    Do you believe its just the processor,esp, and possibly the 3V regulator too?

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