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  • I've been toying with the idea of buying a panel due for some time and my recent loss of wifi connection has brought this to the forefront of my tiny brain again. I haven't been able to find any detailed information on what one can and cannot do with it so I have a host of questions but they boil down to two fundamental ones.

    1. What, if any functionality does the PanelDue NOT HAVE that DWC does have.

    2. What, if any functionality does the PanelDue HAVE, that DWC does not have.

    Also, am I correct in my assumption that cable length between the Duet and the PanelDue is not critical (as long as the conductors have resistance less then 0.1 ohm) -I'd need about 1.5 metre long cable.

    In general, has anyone who has a PanelDue found any big plus points, or conversely negative issues?

    Thanks in advance


  • I like being able to turn the machine on, set standby temperatures, home, change filament, purge, and start bed probing (mainly for testing probes as I want to hover over the power switch in case of a crash) from the panel rather than my PC which is 6 feet away, as its convenient. I also like to be able to glance at the panel and see the temperatures quickly. That being said I can't think of any functionality the panel has that the DWC does not have (babystep buttons but thats a macro if you want them).

    It would be just as easy to have ANOther cheapo tablet with a browser running DWC bolted to the printer. It would cost less and have potentially a bunch of other uses as well as being a console. You do need working wifi though, any luck with that?

  • Thanks for that Simon. More food for thought. For info, the WiFi prob seems like a hardware fault and Tony/T3DP3D are on the case with their usual speed and efficiency. I do have an old Nexus tablet kicking around but aside from the wifi thing, my PC is only about 3 feet from the printer so I can have one hand on the emergency stop and the other on the cordless mouse 🙂

  • Ian just to add to what Simon said the PanelDue can do everything that DWC Can apart from the File edit/Upload functions you can issue GCode command from the Console and you can start heaters adjust temp start prints etc.

    I often do just that as my Pc is downstairs and the Printer is in an upstairs spare bedroom!



  • Thanks Doug,

    I'm leaning towards the idea that in my case, with the PC close by, the PanelDue isn't going to give me anything apart from being a backup if I can't use my PC for any reason…............. But then that might be a useful backup facility to have......... And then again, I hadn't considered that if the Printer had a PanelDue attached, I could relocate it............hmmm...........

    Decisions decisions........

    Thanks for the feedback guys

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