Power Supply Fans (slightly OT?)

  • I'm very happy with the DuetWifi running the steppers on my Delta printer as quietly as it does. In order to quiet the printer down, I need some advice in a very different area though… At the moment, I'm using a rather beefy MeanWell power supply for my delta printer. It has a 60x60 mm 12V SUNON fan built in that always runs at full power. Probably perfect for an industrial environment, but it sounds like 3D printing next to a model air raid siren. 😕 I can't possible leave the printer running overnight with this noise.
    There are a huge number of fans out there that claim to be silent since that size appears to be very common in PC cooling applications. Does anyone have experience with using one of these fans as a power supply cooling fan? Which fan models would you recommend?

  • I haven't had any direct experience of replacing a fan inside a power supply (I have a mains heated bed so chose a fan less power supply). However, I have always found this a god resource for quite fans https://www.quietpc.com/casefans.. Even if you don't buy from them, they list the db specs so it's a good starting point. HTH

  • I run noctua fans both in my pc and my printer. They're overpriced but have good performace/noise ratio and seem to last forever.

  • Thank you both for the suggestions. I've replaced the fan with a Nanoxia Deep Silent 60 - much better. It does transport less air, but since I've rather over-sized the power supply and won't be running it at full power, I hope this won't be a problem.

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