Extruder with multiple filaments selected with a camshaft

  • Hi all, I’ve started to design an extruder with only one geared stepper for filament feed and one geared stepper for filament selection,there will be other things to work out but my main question is, each selection will be a specific degree from 360 degrees. I want to use one end stop for position and be able to move to selected position from any other position? Think it’s possible?
    Thanks Rod

  • administrators

    Yes. Configure the extra stepper motor as an additional axis, home it as usual, and in the tool change files move it to the required position. You can hide the extra axis most of the time, and only make it visible when you need to move it.

  • @dc42 thanks for the reply, I now have a starting point.
    I’m sure I’ll have more questions on this but not until I’ve gone further with development thanks again

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