Extruder question: see in web interface, extrusion without heat

  • I just got my dual extruders installed today, more or less completing my D-bot build.

    Q1: I still only see one extrusion interface on the web interface main page. Does the web interface not allow one to manually extrude the two extruders separately? If so, what do I have to set up so that I see separate controls for the two extruders in the web interface?

    Q2: When I use the extrusion control in the web interface, just trying to test my extruders to make sure they are functioning, I get the error message that tool 0 couldn't be driven because the temperature is too low. All I really want to do is run the extruder, not actually push filament through the hot end. Is there an easy way to do this, or do I have to write a manual macro to do this?

    Q3: If the web interface won't show two extrusion controls, then am I correct that the only way to manually control the 2nd extruder is to write a macro?

  • Q2: https://duet3d.com/wiki/G-code#M302:_Allow_cold_extrudes

    Q1&Q3: IIRC, unless you are using a mixing extruder, you can only control one extruder at a time by using T0, T1, etc to select them. The current DWC does not seem to support more than 1 set of control shown.

  • Ok, so I can set up a macro that selects T0 or T1 then use the existing extruder controls and it will control that one, right?

    Thanks for that link. I'll have to set up a macro that allows me to extrude without requiring the nozzle to be heated up. Tonight I just set the first nozzle to 190 C and then adjusted my extruder esteps until it was right on the nose.

    I'm pretty stoked. With this setup my D-bot is essentially finished. Gonna try to see if I can print something with it now. 🙂

  • Thanks again. I created short macros enabling me to switch between T0 and T1, enable and disable cold extruding, etc. It's all working great, and I'm able to do whatever I need. The help was much appreciated!

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