Filament sensor false positives

  • So this just started happening but my duet as been getting false positives from the filament sensors and as many as 20 false positives on the first layer is there a way to add like a wait 1 mm then check to see if filament is there? Thank

  • administrators

    Do you know what caused it to start happening? Changing filament perhaps? Or upgrading firmware?

    What type filament sensors are they, and what is the nature of the false positives?

  • its really random like at layer 1 it did like 5 times
    layer 2 did it 3 then it stopped doing it.
    its one of those simple mechanical endstop ones you find on amazon for like a a buck.
    It did it alot when i converted my tornxy x5sa to duet then stopped for a week and then started again and it stopped

  • Could it be the connector on the endstop is loose or faulty causing it to malfuntion?

  • i did consider that but its locking connectors so i doubt that i even giggled it around and it didnt happen.

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