External driver vs DuetWifi mircostep setting

  • Thanks to DC42's help I was able to connect a Gecko G540 external driver to a DuetWifi on my custom printer build. My question is what type of microsteps am I truly getting out of my printer? I have my config file for the DuetWifi set at 1/32 but the G540 specs say it is set at 1/10. I'm thinking its probably maxed out at 1/10 due to the external driver, if so does the DuetWifi mircostep setting even matter with an external driver?

    Again, thanks a lot for the help and support dc42!

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    The Duet has no knowledge of the microstep setting of your external driver, and RepRapFirmware ignores M350 settings for external drivers. The microstepping will be whatever you have set the external drivers to using the switches on it.

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