Triple extruder/mirror mode... these parts?

  • I manufacture (too strong a word) a bunch of long relatively thin parts, about 60mm wide, 250-275mm long. Each takes about 6 hours to print, hence 4 printers cranking them out. Need to make hundreds of them.

    Been printing them on some Chiron's and some adimlab printers all PETG

    Have a lull coming up, and managed to blow up one of the chiron's controller boards, which got me thinking that I should be able to modify things to speed things up.

    So my thought was to get a Duet 2 Ethernet, a panelDue, a Duex5.

    Which should let me drive 3 extruders, 3 temp probes for the extruders, 1 for the hotbed and 3 fans. Only need 1 hotbed output. And really, there's room to drive 4 extruders width wise on the bed, so I might plan for that.

    I have little familiarity with the reprap firmware, currently using the manufacturer supplied marlin with octoprint for each printer.

    I don't need sexy LED's or any of that stuff.

    Anybody see any problems with doing that with the above proposed duet hardware? I have a mic-6 plate coming for the bed, so I'll probably just manually level the bed.

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    That combination should be just fine. I presume you intend to run the 3 or 4 extruders concurrently to print 3 or 4 parts at once. For that to work, the bed needs to be flat and you need to get the nozzles all at the same height. So make sure you have a way of adjusting the nozzle heights individually. You can use mixing mode in RepRapFirmware, with the mix ratio set to 1:1:1 or 1:1:1:1 to drive the extruders concurrently.

  • @mrcpu To add to what David said, I know of one user @justine-haupt) who has built a printer that can print 4 parts concurrently and which uses Duet hardware and firmware.

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