Add more than 3 default thermistors to duet3dWiFi. Howto?

  • Hello. I have busy all thermistor slot on board. I want add to duetwifi more 4 thermistors to measure temp in other points, for example: inside powersupply one and two, directly on stepstick for axis Z and extruder and somewhere else. It is possibe? I know, on board is 50pin header for expansion board and some pins are for thermistors. Is possible to use it without expansion board? Can someone draw some diagram how to connect thermistors irectly to this slot?

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    No diagram, but the connection is:

    • Connect thermistor between VSSA and the THERMISTORn pin, for some n;
    • Connect a resistor of between 2.2K and 4.7K between THERMISTORn and ADVREF;
    • If the resistor isn't 4.7K then specify its value in the corresponding M305 command.

  • like this for more than 1 thermistor?


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    That's right, with one 4.7K resistor for each thermistor input that you use.

  • ok, will do wiring and tests and reply here result

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