Support of 12 stepper motor drivers

  • Hi,

    I´m working on a project where I need 11-12 Stepper motor drivers, on your feature page you write that you have support of 7 additional drivers. The Duet Wifi and Duex 5 would be 10 drivers I suppose, so could you explain what I need in hardware to have 12 stepper drivers?
    I read the old post from 2017 about chainable boards, are there support of that?

    Thx in advance //Hans

    you can connect two extra drivers from the LCD connector

  • @hanshogeland You can use 2 additional external stepper drivers and wire them to the expansion connector which will give you the total of 12.

    "Chainable" boards will be the next generation Duet (gen 3) which I'd expect to be available in a few months. I believe I read that a batch or pre-production boards is due to be made in August but don't quote me on that. My understanding is that Gen 3 boards will have 6 drivers on the main board and 3 additional drivers on each expansion board (of which there can be many more than just one). The cost of generation 3 boards will be higher than the current generation 2 (Duet WiFi and Ethernet) but prices have not yet been announced.

  • @dragonn Thx great - then I´ll connect two TB6600 drivers to the 10 and 11

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