Support for 128x64 variants

  • Hi,
    I have two variant 128x64 LCD displays that do not work with the Maestro: they light up but don't show any information, and the reset button doesn't reset the board.

    Glancing at the Marlin code, they need two pins redefined to work (this would make a number of 128x64 variants work with Maestro).

    @dc42 would you accept a patch to make these work? It probably would mean extending M918 to recognize P2 for these boards, and the pin re-assignments when P2 is selected.

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    Please provide more details of the proposed pin reassignment and where you got the information from. Have you tested your change yet?

  • The required changes can be derived from Marlin Firmware.

    I have not tested the change yet, as I wanted to find a small enough change before I dive into the RRF code.

    PS: Yes, I'm aware that it will be more involved than just the couple lines I linked above. That's mostly to say the change is easy to isolate within a condition check.

  • FYI, the lcds mentioned at the marlin github link require another pin to drive the lcd, pin a0
    for more info see my post last year
    Unfortunately it was beyond my skill to make the changes needed to add these lcd displays.
    I still would really like to see support added for these displays, hopefully you have the skill I lacked to add support for these displays.

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