"G0/G1 insufficient axis homed" on Rostock Max V2 delta

  • Hi,
    I'm all new to the Duet Wifi and in the process to get everything working with my Rostock Max V2.

    What puzzles me is the error "G0/G1 insufficient axis homed" when issuing a G28 command. It happens usually only, then the 3 delta arms are in a different height (e.g. when the print head is on some outer area the bed).

    When sending G28, the first tower (e.g. Z) gets homed, then the second (e.g. Y) and finally the third (X) moves towards the upper endstop. But before third tower reaches the endstop, the "G0/G1 insufficient axis homed" is issued and the X tower motor stops.
    A second G28 command homes without issues.

    What can be done to overcome this?

    Thanks !

  • post your home files.

    most likely the move distance specified is lower than the height of your sides.

  • administrators

    Two liiely possibilities:

    1. Homing distance specified is too short as @Veti suggests. See the FAQ page.

    2. You have a pair of endstops or a pair of motors swapped in the wiring. Test the motors individually using G1 S2 moves and make sure the correct carriage moves in each case. Also check that when you trigger each endstop, the expected tower shows as triggered.

  • Thanks @veti & @dc42 for your reply. Highly appreciated to get such a quick answer.

    • Individual tower moves G1 S2 moves --> OK
    • Endstop status M119 --> OK.
    • Increased homing distance from 405mm to 500mm. --> that was it !!!

    (I initially thought 405mm would be more than enough, since my homed height is ~360mm. That was my fault)

    Thank you both for helping me.


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