Error handling on SD print

  • Hello, I use a Duet Wifi with a (genuine) BL-Touch. Compared to the clones it is pretty reliable but sometimes it is still failing.
    Then the Printer reports an "Error" and continues anyway. I could not find a way to at least pause the print.
    This is in my opinion not a good way to deal with errors (just logging ).
    There should be a parameter to config what happens if an error is logged. (maybe there is and I could not find it ?)
    Something like:
    MXXX S0 ; do nothing on error (default)
    MXXX S1 ; pause Print
    MXXX S2 ; reset machine

    The background is that I have a quite large printer and only print ABS, so I have to heat up the printer and probe the z-height when the machine is hot. (Aluminum expands a lot). So I start the print and after a random amount of time I check if all is fine, but I can't monitor the hole heating process, and wait for the on in 10 times the probe won't behave. And if the probing fails (like on the screenshot) the nozzle scrapes over the bed....


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    The feature you ask for will be available in RepRapFirmware 3 when I finish implementing conditional GCode.

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