Way to change result message from Dual Z sync?

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    So for the life of me every time I look at this, I can never remember which is which at a glance. Is there a place to change the verbiage on this?
    Also, in the pic, the left side is always 0. But if the right side is .71 higher, shouldn't the adjustment be closer to .71 vs half of the figure(.35) as the left side is near-solid as it's screwed in? It's not like we're adjusting a floating plane which reacts on both sides to the degree if center was 0 and each side was + or - ? (if center was 0 then yes, you would adjust down on the right .35 and up on the left .35, if the difference between the 2 is .71, at least iirc, been forever since school )

    But yes, I would love to change the verbiage. I think it's always the turn up (positive movement) a negative number. 🙂

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    The first correction is always zero. "up" and "down" refer to the direction in which you need to move the bed by adjusting the screws. The figures given are the height errors, so -0.35mm is where the bed is compared to where it needs to be.

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