Duet WiFi firmware bundle 1.15rc3 available for testing

  • Thank you both for your work on the firmware! I'll give it a try in the next day or so.

  • David

    Is that a typo in the .bin names above should the DuetWebServer.bin be DuetWiFiServer.bin?


  • David

    Have installed all the stuff from your Dropbox but the DWC still reports as DC1.11

    Firmware Name: RepRapFirmware for Duet WiFi
    Firmware Version: 1.15-rc3 (2016-08-20)
    Web Interface Version: HTML: 1.11b-dc42, JS: 1.11b-dc42

    Have you by any chance posted the wrong File?


  • administrators

    Did you run M997 S2 after you had uploaded DuetWebControl.bin? DWC v1.11 for Duet WiFi doesn't ask if a new web interface shall be installed.

  • Hi,
    Thanks David and Chrishamm for your great work. I've installed the files and it's working as expected.

    it's awesome that we can now edit the config files / create macros directly in the interface

    I did some tests with pid tuning but I need to play with it a bit more.
    I haven't been able to complete the tuning.. i'll try to decrease the PWM

  • David

    Yes I did in fact I did it twice


    I have just done it again to double check this Time I made the S a upper case instead of lower case not sure if that will make any difference tho

    Yep still the same?

  • administrators

    Perhaps you already have DuetWebControl.bin on your SD card and your attempt to upload the new one to SD card failed silently?

  • David

    Refreshing Chrome did the trick obviously didn't pick it up on the Re-Connect maybe worth a note?

    All good now tho


  • After updating firmware, I can't get the extruder heater to heat up. The PID tuning works, but the web control, paneldue, and M104 all fail to raise the temp. The bed works fine. Any ideas?

  • More info: the extruder heater works if I go back to legacy PID via M301. So there's something in the new mode that's keeping it from heating up.

  • Aaaaand now I just saw the temp slowly creeping up (hit 80C) when it was supposed to be off. Looks from the curve like every few seconds the heaters would turn on for a moment. Don't quite remember the sequence I used to get there, but I'm pretty sure I did M0 and them M307 H1 to check the model parameters (which said "in use:no") and then left it alone for about 5 minutes. An emergency stop shut the heater back off.

    Getting some really weird behavior here.

  • PanelDue has stopped talking to the Duet or responding to button touches… huh.

  • administrators

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your reports, which I have been looking into. Progress so far:

    1. Fixed incorrect error message strings.

    2. Heater coming on when it shouldn't and temperature creeping up: I think it is responding disproportionally to temperature reading noise or occasional bad temperature readings. I haven't seen this myself, but I have identified a possible mechanism for it, and implemented a fix which should stop it.

    3. I find that I can set temperatures manually, but a macro that I normally use to set temperatures doesn't work when I invoke it from PanelDue. I am about to look into that.

    I hope to have updated firmware later this evening.

  • administrators

    I've just put a new firmware build (1.15rc4) at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dmqh94ylfo9jaxa/AAB9Klpo2Dtbdy_ZFYhPFXJea?dl=0. Only DuetWiFiFirmware.bin has changed. This fixes the three issues listed above.

  • Hi David or Chris

    First thing i've notice with RC4 is that an edit of config.g uploads on save but doesn't prompt for a reboot.

    Same Chrome browser that always prompted btw.


  • administrators

    Yep that's correct, i noticed that as well after I had published RC1. It will be fixed in the final version.

  • Thanks Chris.

    @David, I've had two goes at auto tuning using P0.5 and P0.4 with S240 and both times it has cancelled due to exceeding 240…. is there an actual target temperature the tuning is aiming at?
    I really don't want to run pwm down to low normally and would expect the tuning to work with the desired pwm (P).

    For reference my M301 was
    ;M301 H1 P22.0 I0.2 D180 T0.2 S1 W180 B30
    This gave <1c overshoot with the 60W heater and was relatively stable with about 0.8c variation once at temp.

    Edit PS: with smile: it's frustrating to wait for the hotend to cool down to room temp 🙂

  • administrators

    Hi Phil, that just the means that your heater is rather powerful and you need to use a lower pwm for tuning purposes. This won't affect the maximum pwm used in operation.

  • @dc42:

    Hi Phil, that just the means that your heater is rather powerful and you need to use a lower pwm for tuning purposes. This won't affect the maximum pwm used in operation.

    Ta David,

    Replied to the other thread as well, right at the moment trying at p0.2, will update other thread with results.

    Hopefully this can be a guide for others with high power heaters.


    PS: all the other bits/updates seem fine.

  • administrators


    PanelDue has stopped talking to the Duet or responding to button touches… huh.

    I have just had this a couple of times. In both cases, one of the extruder temperatures was showing as a very large number (too wide to display in the box), and the other was showing 'ovf'. Both times, pressing the Reset button on the PanelDue restored normal operation.

    I conclude that the new firmware sent PanelDue some data that it choked on, although not badly enough to trigger the watchdog. I will try to find out what.

  • administrators

    I am about to release firmware version 1.15, which I will announce in a new thread. This fixes issues with starting up the temperature control system, which could lead to a heater going into the fault state and/or PanelDue freezing. Please continue discussions regarding heater tuning in the Heater Control thread.

  • I am new to the Duet and would like to know if there are any issues using a mac with the duet wifi? Not a windows fan but if i have to have one i need to get something before mine arrives.

  • administrators

    While I don't personally use a Mac, Mhackney on the forum has used the pre-production board and the 0.8.5 successfully on Mac.

    His blog is here:

  • No issues here, just make sure you use chrome or firefox with the web interface.

  • Thanks, board arrives Tuesday, can't wait to get it installed and running.

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