Part cooling fan disables as soon as print starts

  • Hi all,

    I got a strange problem since today. Yesterday everything was fine and also the last weeks since setup, too.

    My problem is that the part cooling fan does not turn on during prints. But it can be turned on and controlled when no print is running via the PanelDue control and web interface. It reacts normal via M106 S0 to S1.0 or S255 normally and I can turn the fan off afterwards. But as soon as I start a print the fan turns off.
    The "fun" begins when you hit Pause on the PanelDue. The fan turns on with the given value, as soon as XY is moving to the pause position. When I hit resume on the PanelDue it stays on until XY start to move, then it's off again.

    I checked the settings duringthe print with some gcodes:
    M563 P0
    Tool 0 - drives: 0; heaters (active/standby temps): 1 (210.0/210.0); xmap: X; ymap: Y; fans: 0; status: selected
    Tool 0 is selected
    Fan0 frequency: 50Hz, speed: 60%, min: 10%, blip: 0.30, inverted: no, name:

    But the fan is not spinning at all.

    I even used an older gcode on the SD card to verify that it's the firmware settings and not the slicer. The older gcode worked perfectly last week and now all I got is an overheated gooey mass.

    You can find a gcode file and my config down below.
    Do you guys have any idea what could be wrong?
    Im open to all unusual ideas.


  • False alarm!
    My part cooling fan cable simply had a cable rupture.
    The behaviour was strange anyway, the cable had contact and let the fan work on the idle and pause positions, but not in the middle of the bed (where the prints happen). A little bend of the cable strain and the part cooling fan worked again. Changed the cable with a spare one, works like a charm!

    Thank you if you already spend time to my problem.

    Happy printing!

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