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  • Hi there all,
    as i am very new to the Duet3D, and the way of its operation and naming parts, I tried to read, this forum, search the www (Google) just to understand my new board and extensions.
    I got a bit confused, in the way some writing things down.
    i read about a header number, and a pin, but if i look at the pinout (or the board) i do not see those mentioned headers and pins, i do see E0, E1, E2

    there is a part in the laser PWM controle, where is spoken of:
    "This simply feeds the 3v3 lines into inputs 1A and 1B"
    but if i look at the board, i do see more than 1 3v3 pins.
    some one can help me out with this.

  • Maybe we should take a step back and know which laser you are trying to use, and which Duet board / extension board you're wanting to use.

  • @bearer, I do have a Duet3d (Duet2) (latest version) Ethernet, a Duet expansion stepper breakout, the "Duet Laser PWM Board" out of the link, a 5W laser diode,
    all of this i want to hook up to an unemployed "work-bee".
    as i said, i got confused by the pins and headers spoken about on this forum, and what i see/find on my duet 2. (pinouts)
    i want to use (if possible) header E1 (minus side)
    the expansion stepper breakout, has been choicen for the reason that my steppers can draw up to 3,2A. and have to use external drivers.

  • Plain diode without a TTL enabled driver?

  • @bearer ohhh... sorry, all i know that it needs pwm

    I am not at my workshop (have to work sometimes)

  • @bearer silly me, online specs (but we both like to paddle👍 )

    General Specification
    Model LA03-5000
    Heatsink Material Aircraft Aluminum + Brass Shell
    Luminous Color Blue
    Section Size 33mm x 33mm
    Cooling Mode Heat Sink Groove, Cooling Fan
    Dimension 85 * 33 * 33mm
    Adapter Plug US Plug
    Adapter Input Voltage AC 100-240V
    Adapter Output Voltage DC 12V 5A
    Can Engrave MDF/Balsa/Paper/Wood/Fabric/Plastic/Leather/Plywood/Foam Paper/Anodized Aluminum
    Can Not Engrave Metal/Glass/Stone/Ceramics/PCB/Stainless Steel/Reflective Material/ Transparent Material
    Technical Parameters
    Laser Power Max.5W Average 3W
    Wavelength 445-450nm
    Beam Shape Dot (Focusable)
    Working Voltage DC 12V
    TTL&PWM Modulation YES, Compatible with Both TTL & PWM Modulation
    Input Voltage DC12V (+,-, PWM/TTL) + DC5V (PWM/TTL,-)
    Input Interface XH2.54-3P (+,-, PWM/TTL) + XH2.54-2P (PWM/TTL,-)
    Drive Mode External ACC
    Life Time >10,000 hours

  • I just wanted to make sure you couldn't just feed it the 12v straight up as most of the laser modules I've looked at will take 12v for the TTL signal.

    But okay, reading wiki time. I can't imagine you should do anything other than taking 3.3v, 5v, gnd and one of the heaterN from the 50 pin extension and connect to the duet header on the laser pwm board. Also connect 12v either from the Duet Vin if that has 12v or from a separate 12v supply if the duet uses 24v.

    The other conenctions on the wiring diragram is what is already on the laser pwm board and you only need to worry about the headers where you connect to the 50 pin expansion, 12v input, and the laser output.

    Also, yay for yak! Normal people go island hopping, I'm going lighthouse hopping, 72 hours and as many lighthouses as the weather will permit:D

  • @bearer said in lost in laser:

    I can't imagine you should do anything other than taking 3.3v, 5v, gnd and one of the heaterN from the 50 pin extension

    so, any 3v3 and 5v from the duet 2 will do

    the 50 pin extension header is occupied by the extension

    we do not have to much approachable lighthouses and only a few islands in the north occupied by tourist, i have to fly (or drive) to Norway or Sweden, way more enjoyment

  • @thomss said in lost in laser:

    so, any 3v3 and 5v from the duet 2 will do

    yeah, any should do, there aren't separate 3v3 and 5v rails afaik. but i'm not sure where you should get the heater pin from if the 50 pin connector where the ttl level signals are is occupied.

  • quoted from a post by @DC42,:

    @dc42 said in duetwifi breakout board and bltouch wiring:
        The breakout board inverts the heater/servo signals to be the "right way up", just as on the DueX boards, so you won't need the I1 parameter on the M208 commands.
    do i understand right, that: "The PWM heater output on the Duet acts on the negative side, to pull it low, rather than pulling it high" but with the aid of an breakout board it will be the other way (pull it high, rather than pulling it low)


    So by this answer, The PWM question is answered in full, for witch i am thankfully.

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