heater fluctuating high low briefly

  • This has been going on for some time, occasionally finding short spans of missing layers, believed to be heat loss. Now out of the blue i caught it, Duets Temp Graph only logs like 5-10 min of temp, rising and lowering 5-10'c instantly. Ran 18gauge lamp wire from Mosfit to heater plug, put mosfit on its own 12v20a power supply, replaced PT100 Sensor a month ago when layer issue. i am running a homemade CoreXY Cube, E3D V6 gold, Duet WIFI, PT100 sensor (wired 2 wire to 4 wire just as dc42 stated), with a PT100 daughterboard from Filabuster, 12v30w heater. Hotend is on a SSR on its own 12v20a power supply, DuetWIFI on a 12v30a power supply. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Can you post a screen shot showing the temperature fluctuation?

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