Thermocoupler K type - fault

  • Hey there.

    Just got a K type thermcoupler and a MAX31856 (adafruit).

    not sure where to connect the CS pin to the NPCS0 on the DUET 2 (WIFI) ...

    config is :

    M305 P2 X150 T"K"

    M563 P2 H2


  • the Duet guide shows chart of the MAX31855... is it the same for the MAX31856 ?

  • On the duet side the SPI connection would be the same, which the CS is a part of. If its the same between the two Maxim chips you'll find in their datasheets.

  • this is from the adafruit sheet:

    SPI Logic pins:
    All pins going into the breakout have level shifting circuitry to make them 3-5V logic level safe.
    Use whatever logic level is on Vin!

    SCK - This is the SPI Clock pin, its an input to the chip
    SDO - this is the Serial Data Out / Master In Slave Out pin, for data sent from the MAX31856 to your processor
    SDI - this is the Serial Data In / Master Out Slave In pin, for data sent from your processor to the MAX31856
    CS - this is the Chip Select pin, drop it low to start an SPI transaction. Its an input to the chip

    I got it connected as instructed but still reads 2000c.

  • OK. so its works. here's the chart for the MAX31856 (adafruit):

    Vin --> +3.3V
    Gnd --> Gnd
    SCK --> SPIO_SCK
    CS--> SPIO CS0-CS2

    Also, there isn't CS1 on the duet board so CS2 on the board is actually X151 on the config.

    I suggest adding this to the Duet guide and also dis-mention that you can buy the duet daughter boards on the website (I didn't see any there).


  • administrators

    Thermocouple daughter board on Duet3D web site

  • @dc42

    when clicking "ORDER" on the homepage you only get the control boards.

    If you scroll down on an individual product you see related products with more items to purchase - not so accessible that way. missing out other duet products...

  • administrators

    On the Order page you have to go to "Touch Screens, IR Probes, PT100 sensors, e3d products and more!" and click on that link.

  • @dc42


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