Endstops and colliding with metal work

  • Hi all,

    I have been converting my Da Vinci AIO to run on a Duet 2 Maestro.

    I am using the stock optical endstops that are normally open I have attached the images here
    The problem I am getting is that when I home the axis the Z stop closes way too late which would cause the bed to crash into the hot end. Would some form of Z probe cure this?

    Also the homing positions also move the hot end carriage into the corner which is fine however if the printer was to start off moving on the x axis the hot end carriage would crash into the metalwork of the printer that I have highlighted below.

    What would be the best course of action to prevent these problems?









    0_1563036581830_config (5).g

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    This can probably be mitigated in your homing files, since that is where the movements are defined during the homing process.

    You can have it home each axis individually and move the head back to a safe position before homing the next axis.

  • Some thought should probably go into how to avoid the user or slicer to collide after the homing is complete.

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    Regarding the Z endstop switch, you can define the Z homing sequence (in homez.g and homeall.g) to move the print head to a suitable XY location before it executes the Z homing move. But perhaps it would be safer to adjust the position of the switch so that it triggers a little higher up, if that's possible. Alternatively, if the machine has a Z probe, you can use that to home Z instead of using the homing switch.

    In your homing files, you can have the head move to a safe position after homing X and Y to avoid crashing into the metalwork.

    See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareCartesianPrinter#Section_Homing_files for infoirmation about the homing files.

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