Measuring speed of linear actuator

  • Dear all,

    I have a stepper motor ( connected to C Beam Linear Actuator. I use it for short rapid movements (X10 F8000), which takes about 0.3 sec I think. How can I measure actual average speed of the actuator? Is there any timing comand (before and after "move command")?


  • Not sure how accurate it'll be but you could try making a g-code file with the move and simulate it?

  • What do you mean by "simulate it"?

  • 0_1563366839464_d7068777-0ba1-4e09-8cbd-37f9fb504785-image.png

    it may not have sufficient resolution in the timing provided, you'll see if you try.

  • Put a console message M code before/after the move you wish to time. Hook up to USB. Use a terminal program (such as YAT for windows) that timestamps each line to the millisecond.

    However... that will really tell you when things pass through the planner. You MIGHT need to put a dwell command in several places, and subtract out that time.


    Use a set of microswitches and an Arduino.


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