Support for Fusion360 probing macros when running as a CNC?

  • I’ve built 3 duet based printers now and basically refuse to use anything else because of how good it is. My next project is a CNC and I’m trying to work out what controller to use - ideally I’d like to use the duet but with external drivers. (I’d probably use the built in drivers to power auxiliary steppers around the machine or something)

    One key requirement I have is to use a spindle probe for billet locating and probing in second ops (XYZC) and also using a tool setting probe to set tool length. Are these features supported in RepRap firmware?

    I’d love to be able to use the fusion360 probing tools but I think these only support calls to the renishaw macros. Would it be possible to get these working on the duet?

  • What g-code does the probing generate, or can you configure the g-codes? G38.x isn't supported yet, but M585 may get the job done. I'm hoping to test this in the RRF3 beta one of these days, but haven't looked into how fusion handles probing yet

  • @bearer perhaps it is workable with that. I’ve never actually tried but can you do maths in macros? E.g. if I take 2 probe points can I calculate the orientation of the part to be milled and then set that with G10 (I think) or is that not possible.

    I can’t remember the exact Gcode that the post spits out when you use the probing and I’m not at my pc right now although I think it’s something weird like P348.1.9 or similar depending on the probe macro to be used. The industrial controllers are expecting these macro calls though as they have a macro package installed on them so it’s not a standard gcode. The macros then complete their process such as touching off 2 points on an edge and then calculate the part rotation. Or probe 4 points in a bore to find a centre point.

    I assume I could happily change the post however to spit out almost anything or do a find and replace on the Gcode to replace it with something duet friendly.

  • There has been talk of conditional g-code and variables to be introduced into version 3 of RepRap firmware, I do not know if that will include math functions, but I do hope so.

    There is currently support for macros, but you have to run them with something like M98 Pmymacro.g