Identical setups but different behaviours

  • I have two ultimaker two clones...

    Theyre identical except the one is a little bit bigger, but only by 20mm and 50mm and uses 3mm filament.. same model duet wifi, same config settings, files are sliced with the same cura profile, same motors, same teethed pulleys and stepping...

    But the big printer is way way slower than the other one...

    Same acc and isc speeds on all axes..
    I do use different pa values on the machines though, but doesnt matter if i disable it, it is still, just as slow...

    Whats causing this? Bigger size filament?
    The big machine prints so slow that in comparison to the small machine, the acc and isc settings are only about a third, when u look at the movements and max speeds obtained in webinterface...

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    Can you post both config files?

  • A random thought in the absence of any useful information, but are you using the same size nozzle and layer height on both printers or does the one with 3mm filament use a bigger nozzle and layer height? And if so, are you using volumetric extrusion in the slicer?

  • Same voltage and steppers? Deg/step?

  • manually check the output of all commands like M201,M204 etc by imputing them in the console.

    if could be that they are not parsed correctly because of misspelling or additional characters or beeing overwritten by config-overwrite.

    also check your slicer configuration. things like max acceleration and jerk can be overwritten by the slicer.
    so if you have 2 different configs for the printer that could also be the cause.

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