Motors enabled on power up?

  • I've moved my extruder to a flying extruder configuration on my delta and it will drop when the power is turned off. I'm using little clamps to pinch the belts to stop it from moving when powered off. When I power on I need to hold the effector up with my hand and remove the clamps then use the web interface to home. Is it possible to have the motors enabled and holding at startup? I'm probably missing some obvious way to do it but it looks like reprap firmware only has a gcode for motor disable.



  • How about clamping the belt in a way that the carriage can only move upwards and have G28 at the end of your config.g?

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    I don't normally recommend putting any movement commands in config.g, but you could put G1 S2 X0.1 Y0.1 Z0.1 at the end of config.g to turn the motors on.

  • Consider a counterweight. I'm having the same issue now I have a dual extrusion flying setup it drops on power off. It would only take some fishing line and a few pulleys.

  • Thanks guys. Good ideas!

    dc42- I did try that at the end in the config.g but it didn't work for some reason.


  • I think

    G1 S2 X0.1 Y0.1 Z0.1;

    Didn't work because it is a delta and moves are prevented until it is homed.

    This is the message in the gcode console when trying it after turning on and before homing
    "Attempt to move the motors of a delta printer to absolute positions"

    As a workaround for now I just put a G28; at the bottom of the config.g. My workflow for turning on the printer will be to remove the clamps on the belts and hold the effector in place with my hand and then turn it on and it homes. I'm thinking of implementing the counter weight idea.

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    I'm sorry, I forgot that you need to run G91 before the G1 S2 command.

  • I have a counterweight connected to my flying extruder to solve the problem of the hotend descending when the power is off. Works like a charm.

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