Stall detection for extruders?

  • Hi, im playing with some new materials and since im usually printing with higher than normal print speeds/ volumes I encountered some nozzle blockages. My bondtec usually chews through the filament rather quickly so its not a big issue, but I was wondering if I could configure stall detection for the extruder.

    The wiki article mentions that stall detection doesnt work well on low speeds, so I wonder does a 5:1 geared down extruder motor count as low speed?
    Also stall detection can already be implemented for filament loading, so using it during print seems like the next step.

    This could replace the need for an external filament sensor..

  • administrators

    According to Trinamic, the minimum motor speed for stall detection to work is about 1 rev/sec. So I don't think extruder stall detection would work even with 5:1 reduction.


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