Porting my firmware to Duet 2, and the Wiznet chip

  • Hi,
    I am planning to port my firmware (Aprinter) to the Duet 2 boards. It generally seems workable. However, my firmware uses my own TCP/IP stack which runs really well (much better than lwIP!), and I would like to continue using it. However the Duet 2 uses a Wiznet chip instead of connecting the PHY to a MAC in the microcontroller, and I would not want to rewrite lots of code to use the Wiznet TCP/IP. It also seems the Wiznet is limited to 8 sockets which is very much on the limit of what is needed for a web interface.

    According to the data sheet the Wiznet has a raw MAC mode, which seems to be the solution for me. Any idea how workable this is?

    I would also appreciate any general tips about firmware porting. Thanks.

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    We've not tried using the raw MAC mode. In our experience, although more sockets would be welcome, 8 sockets is enough to service 4 concurrent HTTP requests + one FTP connection + Telnet + maintain DHCP. The LPC port of RRF manages to work with a single Http responder.

  • Hi, do you know whether your firmware would also run on the Duet Maestro?

  • @oliof
    I'm planning to port it to Duet Ethernet and Duet Maestro for now, actually I've already ordered a Maestro. I think that support for the wireless variant is possible would would need a bit more effort.

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