Delta Autocalibration probing outside build area

  • I'm kind of at a loss. I'm working on converting my Kossel Mini to a Duet Maestro. I have everything setup, but auto calibration seems to be failing, its trying to probe points outside the build area. Any thoughts? my config.g and bed.g files are attached. 1_1564024276190_config.g 0_1564024276190_bed.g

  • your steps per mm seem to be off

    M92 X172.73 Y166.67 Z205.35 E663.00

    X Z Y need to be the same. and i would expect a value of 80 for them.

  • So I'm actually running 0.9 degree steppers, which as I understand it means that my steps/mm should actually be about 160 (?). So I changed them all to that, but now the distance the printer thinks is covering is less than what I actually measured. I measured my height to the nozzle of 225 mm, and the motors seam to cover something like 200. Additionally, with them all set the same, it appears that one of my axes is moving more than the others, so that when I send the head to X0 Y0, Z25, the head drifts in X and Y.

  • what kind of belt and pulley are you using?

    did you run auto calibration to get the correct values for M665 and M666?

    there should be no difference in movement between the towers.
    if there is then you should address the mechanical issue first.

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