IR sensor off during print

  • Hello.
    Is it possible to disable the sensor during printing? The led flashes when the sensor passes over the print. It's not a problem. It's only for not use it and for timelapses.

  • You could try wiring the negative to a spare fan plug, but be sure to switch the fan to 100% or 0%. Sure there is ways to make ot a little more elegant. Switch on for z and mesh probing.

  • Hello. It's a good idea but is the state of negative is changed when the fan is turned on to off ? Or only the V+ ?

  • Most, if not all of the devices controlled by the duet are switched on the earth leg.

    The fan ports have a permanent posative, and switched earth.

  • Ok so it should work. I try it and I post the result. Thanks a lot

  • It's working well. I'm wiring negative of probe on fan8 (Duex5), and writing M106 P8 S1 in config.g, M106 P8 S0 in the start code of Cura, and M106 P8 S1 in cancel.g and stop.g for reactivate probe at the end of print. Thank you @DocTrucker

  • Nice, glad it worked out for you.


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